‘Water for Life’ UN-Water Best Practices Award

By | 5 July 2011

UN-Water invites you to nominate your best practice for the 2nd edition of the ‘Water for Life’ UN-Water Best Practices Award

Application period: 30 June-30 September 2011 Focus on ‘Water for Food Security’

The United Nations Office to Support the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” 2005-2015, which implements the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC), and the UN World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) are pleased to invite you to nominate your best practice for the 2nd edition of the “Water for Life” UN-Water Best Practices Award.

The purpose of the Award is to promote efforts to fulfil international commitments made on water and water-related issues by 2015 through recognition of outstanding best practices that can ensure the long-term sustainable management of water resources and contribute to the achievement of internationally agreed goals and targets contained in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

The application period is open from 30 June to 30 September 2011.

The prize is awarded yearly in two categories, one in best water management practices and another one in best participatory, communication, awareness-raising and education practices.

Every year, special emphasis is being put on the theme selected for next World Water Day. World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of water and advocating for the sustainable management of water resources. Each year, UN-Water agrees to highlight a specific aspect. In 2012, special focus is given to the topic “Water for Food Security”. The prize will be awarded at a special ceremony on World Water Day, 22 March 2012.

More information is available at http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/waterforlifeaward.html

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