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International Women’s Day 2011: Time to Make the Promise of Equality a Reality

8th March 2011 Uncategorized

Message from Executive Director Michelle Bachelet
New York – A hundred years ago today, women across the world took an historic step on the long road to equality. The first ever International Women’s Day was called to draw attention to the unacceptable and often dangerous working conditions that so many women faced worldwide. Although the occasion was celebrated in only a handful of countries, it brought over one million women out onto the streets, demanding not just better conditions at work but also the right to vote, to hold office and to be equal partners with men. (more…)

United Nations Secretary-General’s statement on Libya

7th March 2011 Uncategorized

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Libya
New York – The Secretary-General is deeply concerned about the fighting in western Libya, which is claiming large numbers of lives and threatens even more carnage in the days ahead. He notes that civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence, and calls for an immediate halt to the Government’s disproportionate use of force and indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets. He stresses that those who violate international humanitarian law or commit grave crimes must be held accountable. (more…)

International Women’s Day statement by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay

7th March 2011 Uncategorized

Geneva – On this day, I salute the women of the Middle East and North Africa, along with women all over the world who are taking great risks to stand up and fight for dignity, justice and human rights for themselves and for their compatriots. In Egypt and Tunisia, women were on Twitter, on Facebook, and on the streets. Women from all walks of life were marching alongside men, pushing boundaries and breaking gender stereotypes, just as eager for change, for human rights and for democracy. (more…)

Message from UNFPA South Africa on the commemoration of International Women’s Day

4th March 2011 Uncategorized

Pretoria – Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day – a global day to honour and celebrate the achievements of women and to remind us of the inequities that still need to be addressed. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) joins the international community to recognize the fact that there can be no real peace, social progress and full enjoyment of human rights, without active participation, equality and development of women. (more…)

Message of the UN Secretary-General on International Women’s Day (8 March)

4th March 2011 Uncategorized

New York – One hundred years ago, when the world first commemorated International Women’s Day, gender equality and women’s empowerment were largely radical ideas.  On this centenary, we celebrate the significant progress that has been achieved through determined advocacy, practical action and enlightened policy making.  Yet, in too many countries and societies, women remain second-class citizens. (more…)