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New Envoy Robinson heads to Great Lakes Region

29th April 2013 Uncategorized

New York –  The newly appointed United Nations Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of Africa is headed to the region this weekend for her first visit to bolster support for a recently agreed UN-mediated accord she has described as “a framework for hope” aimed at ending decades of conflict and instability in Democratic Republic of the Congo and the wider region. (more…)

UN Security Council extends arms embargo on Cote d’Ivoire

26th April 2013 Uncategorized

New York – Maintaining that Cote d’Ivoire was still vulnerable to instability fuelled by available weapons, the United Nations Security Council today extended its arms embargo on the West African country as well as financial and travel sanctions on those who threaten the peace, until 30 April 2014. (more…)

With malaria breakthrough in sight, UN officials urge greater funding to finish the job

26th April 2013 Uncategorized

New York – With the globally agreed target of reversing the incidence rate of malaria by 2015 now in sight, top United Nations officials today urged the international community to stay committed to protecting people from this preventable disease and to scale up key interventions such as the provision of insecticide-treated mosquito nets. (more…)


26th April 2013 Uncategorized

New York –  The Security Council today approved a 12,600-strong United Nations peacekeeping operation to take over from the African-led mission in Mali on 1 July and authorized the blue helmets “to use all necessary means” to carry out security-related stabilization tasks, protect civilians, UN staff and cultural artefacts, and create the conditions for the provision of humanitarian aid. (more…)

Opening remarks by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay at a press conference during her mission to Angola

25th April 2013 Uncategorized

Luanda – Good afternoon, and thank you for coming. This is my first ever visit as High Commissioner for Human Rights to Angola, and it has, I believe, been a fruitful one. (more…)