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UN Department of Public Information Weekly Update on the Syrian Crisis

5th September 2013 Uncategorized

On 31 August, the UN Investigation Team departed Syria and arrived in The Hague after collecting samples from Ghouta, the Damascus suburb that was the scene of an alleged use of chemical weapons. On 3 September, before departing for the G-20 Summit, the Secretary-General told the media that the UN Mission led by Professor Åke Sellström was working “around the clock following its return from Syria to prepare the materials it gathered for analysis. I am pleased to announce that all biomedical and environmental samples will have arrived at the designated laboratories” by 4 September. (more…)

Over 2 million people in Zimbabwe to require food assistance, warns UN agency

4th September 2013 Uncategorized

ZIMBABWE – An estimated 2.2 million people are expected to need food assistance by early next year before the harvest period in March, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today. (more…)

Syria: with samples en route to labs, Ban calls on Security Council to develop response

4th September 2013 Uncategorized

SYRIA – With the United Nations chemical weapons team working “around the clock” to expedite analyses of samples taken in Syria, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Security Council members to unite and develop an appropriate response should allegations regarding the use of such weapons prove true. (more…)

Mali: UNICEF boosts efforts to help half a million crisis-affected children return to school

4th September 2013 Uncategorized

MALI – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today announced it will scale up efforts to help half a million children in Mali restart their education, which was disrupted by the conflict and nutrition crisis in the northern part of the country. (more…)

Syria: Samples collected at site of alleged chemical weapons use to reach labs “within hours”

3rd September 2013 Uncategorized

SYRIA – Samples collected by the United Nations chemical weapons inspection team in Syria are now being transferred from The Hague to laboratories for analysis, according to a spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. (more…)