By | 8 May 2013

World Environment Day 2013 is right upon us! This year, we are calling on every member of the growing global WED community to Think.Eat.Save – Reduce Your Foodprint!


WED 2013 — celebrated every year on June 5th — will highlight the magnitude of the food waste concern and its humanitarian, economic and environmental implications. Together we will raise the call for heightened awareness and immediate action to reduce food waste and loss across the food supply chain. And we need everybody to get involved — food producers, supermarkets, consumers, restaurants and hotel chains, schools, sports and other social clubs, company CEOs, city mayors, national and world leaders.

Let us take action on World Environment Day! Pledge to reduce your food waste, organize an activity, and register it on the WED website.

Discover Mongolia!

Mongolia, which is prioritizing a Green Economy shift across its big economic sectors such as mining and promoting environmental awareness among youth, is the global host-country of this year’s World Environment Day (WED) celebrations. Stay tuned to the WED website, Twitter and Facebook pages to discover lots of interesting facts about this fascinating country!

How Do You Preserve Your Food?

The Mongolians have shared some of their secrets that may contribute to preserving and thus, not wasting food, such as the borts and the aaruuls. Now, UNEP is calling on people across the world to share their traditional knowledge and ideas of food preservation whether it be the biltong in South Africa, pickling or jam making, sauerkraut in Germany, or the way shark meat is preserved in ice in Iceland. Send your suggestions, ideas and age-old tips to so we can feature them on the WED website.

Hug a Gobi Bear (There may only be 22 of them left!)

The Gobi Bear, or Mazaalai, is an endangered species that live among rocky mountains in the most remote parts of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, wandering near oases and mountain ranges where they can survive through harsh and extreme desert climate. No other place on the entire Earth is home for this small population of bears, estimated to be of only 22 individuals!

Get to know more about this rare species and help raise awareness of the Gobi bear’s plight around the world by spreading this information through your social networks! It’s fairly easy to be of help and we need you to get your networks to work. So log in to our webpage and #HugaGobiBear!

 Make Your Actions Count. Register your WED activity now!

There’s a wide range of possible actions you can do on World Environment Day, from carpooling to promoting tree-planting in your neighborhood or a food waste-less day at your school or office. We want to know what you are doing on your side of the world, so don’t forget to Register Your Activity at the official World Environment Day website and inspire people all around the globe to do the same!

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