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Commitment walk, song and colourful dance at UN Day celebrations

Pretoria – The employees of the United Nations in South Africa marked UN Day with a walk, song and dance in colourful outfits in Pretoria on Friday. 

About 100 workers from the organisation took to the streets to commemorate the day and raise awareness about Agenda 2030, which includes the 17 sustainable development goals for the world. 

The purpose of the event was for the employees to embark on the commitment walk. The United Nations wants citizens to continually reflect and live towards a more developed world, which has respect for human rights and the environment. 

Nardos Bekele-Thomas, the regional co-ordinator for the UN in South Africa, said the global citizens of the world had to join hands to make the world a better place for everyone, especially for the coming generations. 

“While we celebrate the 74th anniversary of the United Nations, there were many wars and there are some that are still there. It is all about creating a dignified world where all human beings live without fear. That is why today we call it out commitment day, we have 11 years to go until we reach our 17 sustainable goals,” she said. 

Bekele-Thomas said achieving the sustainable goals required commitment from every single individual.

“It requires our commitment so that we leave a legacy better than we got from our parents. We have said every year we will draw the attention and say let us commit and make sure we have a good planet, we can leave a better life for our children and grandchildren, the next generation,” she said. 

Published by: IOL News