Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund – Annual Report 2007

By | 23 September 2008

The Annual Report 2007 aims to highlight the main features and characteristics of the DGTTF, reviewing some of the main achievements in the past year. It also provides country examples of how the Trust Fund has been able to support democratic governance, lessons learned over the last six editions, and challenges encountered with the management of this facility.

In this year’s report, an effort has been made to include more extensive case material to provide a better illustration of some of the exciting projects that we have financed through the DGTTF in the last year.

In 2007, the Global Window of DGTTF received funding from the Governments of Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. As of 31 December 2007, the Trust Fund had received contributions totalling US$ 102.2 million.

UNDP remains one of the largest providers of governance assistance worldwide.  In 2007, UNDP delivered $1.29 billion in technical assistance in the area of democratic governance.  This accounts for approximately 41 per cent of UNDP’s expenditures.

In this context, the DGTTF continues to play a key role in supporting the most innovative elements within UNDP’s governance portfolio.

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