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Ethical Leadership Seminar on leading like Mandela

The United Nations in South Africa in collaration with the Thembekile Mandela Foundation, the Public Service Commission, Tshwane University of Technology and Moral Regeneration Movement hosted an Ethical Leadership Seminar in honour of Nelson Mandela on the 19 July 2019. The seminar focused on inter-generational dialogue “LEADING LIKE MANDELA – DAWN OF A NEW ERA OF ETHICAL, VALUES-BASED AND CONSCIOUS LEADER”.

H.E Ms. Ndileka Mandela, Founder and CEO of The Thembekile Mandela Foundation and first grandchild of Nelson Mandela, honored the leadership legacy of Nelson Mandela and called on all to follow and lead like Mandela. She also mentioned that it is important that we harness our resources because Africa is the richest continent and yet it remains the poorest as a result of poor leadership.                                                                  

Ms. Beatrice Mutali, Resident Coordinator Ad. Interim of the United Nations in South Africa said, “Nelson Mandela like all other great leaders before, demonstrated that no dream is too big a dream and that young people remain our greatest resource towards attaining peace and development in Africa”. In her closing remarks Mutali called on youth to take on leadership with vision to build a developmental state that addresses unethical behavior in Africa.

Mr. Senzo Mchunu, Hon. Minister of Public Service and Administration, reminisced and told stories about the early days of Nelson Mandela’s tenure as the first democratically appointed President of South Africa, and the challenges in uniting the country after apartheid. Mchunu spoke of the importance of ethical leadership in the public service and emphasized that leaders should be held accountable. He also called on all to learn from Mandela’s sense of humility and pointed out that, Integrity does eliminate barriers such as ethnic conflicts, political instability and racial discrimination.

Ms. Scholastica Kimaryo, CEO at Maadili Leadership Development, and former RC of the UN in South Africa, emphasized that leading like Mandela requires internal transcendence in order to foster economic transformation and emphasized the importance of aligning mind, body, and soul in order to lead like Mandela.The discussions focused on the current reality, challenges and consequences of poor leadership on the continent and how best these can be addressed moving forward.

By : Palesa Moema

For more photos of the seminar click on the link: Ethical Seminar Gallery 

Prestige auditorium at Tshwane University Of Technology

Attendees collect SDG material

Q & A Session with the guests and panel speakers

Tshwane University of Technology student at the Ethical Leadership Seminar.