Expression of Interest for TV/Radio Coverage of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP17 and CMP7)

By | 19 September 2011

The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has the pleasure to invite your media organization to submit your Expression of Interest for the booking of a workspace for media coverage of COP 17/CMP 7). The Conference will take place at the Durban Nkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (ICC) and the Durban Exhibition Centre in Durban, South Africa from 28 November to 9 December 2011.

A media centre, including an International Broadcast Centre (IBC) with South African Broadcasting Company as host, will be established at the ICC providing facilities to fulfil the needs of television and radio broadcasters and news agencies, including work spaces offered on an approval basis subject to the number of applications received.

Applications for broadcast work spaces is open until Monday, 24 October 2011. Each applicant will receive an email acknowledgement with confirmation and allocations confirmed by Tuesday, 1 November 2011.

Overview of COP 17/CMP 7 combined meeting venue:

Durban Nkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (ICC):

  • Level 1: Plenary 1 & 2
  • Level 2: Press conference rooms 1 & 2, Writing Press Area & Information Desk
  • Basement: IBC, Master Control Room (MCR), News Agency Rooms.

Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC):

  • Side events and exhibits
  • Adjacent to the DEC is press accreditation and registration, and the Centrum security screening.

Accommodation is plentiful in Durban and within easy reach of the ICC. Choices range from self- catering, Bed & Breakfast to full-service hotels. Accommodation at official conference hotels can be viewed and booked at:, or at any other hotel of choice.

Press Accreditation
Accreditation will be open from Wednesday, 28 September through Wednesday, 16 November 2011.

Accreditation will be granted upon presentation of valid press credentials in accordance with United Nations requirements outlined in the information available on the UNFCCC web site at:

All media must accredit with the United Nations under the name and letter of assignment of their respective media organizations.

Visa & Customs Requirements
The Department of Home Affairs have offered free visa entry for UNFCCC accredited attendees. To take advantage of this, UNFCCC will need to give advance notification to the Department of Home Affairs in order that attendees’ names appear on their list at the point of entry. Anyone not applying for the waiver in advance of the deadline of 24 October 2011 will be required to follow the normal South African Visa application requirements. Further information is available at:

O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) and KSIA (Durban) will have dedicated COP 17/CMP 7 lanes to facilitate easy access. Please ensure that your passport has at least one blank page for the use of immigration officials.

Customs clearance will be required for broadcasters importing equipment for temporary use into South Africa. The recommended procedure is that all equipment is listed and included on a “Carnet” obtained from the South African Embassy in the Country of Origin. Upon arrival in South Africa the equipment will be checked against the Carnet and entry permitted. For bulk loads of equipment, the checking procedure can be undertaken at the point of destination (i.e the ICC) to avoid unloading of equipment twice. For more information, please consult:

A free continuous transport system will operate between all official conference hotels to a drop-off area adjacent to the Durban Exhibition Centre. Access to the ICC will be through the Centrum security check screening point. (approx. 10-minute walk).

Those with their own transport will be able to leave their vehicles at a “Park & Ride” area to be designated. From there, a shuttle bus will be available to the ICC. A dedicated Media shuttle bus will be allocated which will provide transport from the “Park & Ride” area to a dedicated media security check point close to the IBC.

A drop-off and pick-up point will also be available for those using taxis within close walking distance of the dedicated media security check-point.

There is also an arrangement for those who wish to cycle to the venue.

Writing and Online Press Working Area

  • Approximately 600 working spaces including desks, chairs and electrical sockets as well as XLR connectivity and some RJ45 plug-n-play Internet access points.
  • Computer centre with 120 PCs and printing facilities.
  • Work spaces for news agencies will have RJ45 connectivity.
  • WiFi connectivity will be available throughout the Media Centre.
  • CCTV Monitors will be available around the Press Area providing live coverage of all proceedings.
  • XLR audio feeds in English and French.

Television and Radio Services

  • Up to 90 open plan workstations (2.5m x 1m) [to be confirmed] including worktop, 3 chairs, electrical sockets, HD PAL connection of the host broadcasters feed and shared CCTV Monitors to follow proceedings and an Internet connection to the conference network (RJ45). These workstations will be arranged next to each other in a large room separated by partitions. The configuration of the workstations will be designed to suit and accommodate broadcasters based on individual requirements and number of personnel attending.
  • Each workstation will be allocated one lockable cabinet (120cm x 45cm x 60cm).
  • Positions for SNG vehicles will be available within approximately 100 metres of the Broadcast Centre.
  • 20 standup positions will be available in an area close to the Media Centre, on Level 1 (the floor immediately above the Broadcast Centre). 6 of these positions will be serviced by the host broadcaster. Bookings to be made through the Host Broadcaster on a commercial basis from a booking counter in the IBC throughout the conference.

Request for this facility should be included in the Expression of Interest noting:

  • Approximate number of personnel in your team
  • Designation i.e., Text reporting, TV or Radio
  • Interest in Live Stand Up positions and any relevant requirements related to this, e.g. feed to/from the MCR. power.
  • Whether space for an SNG Truck is needed. If so please provide make, registration, dimensions and approximate weight as well as any relevant related requirements. SNG Trucks should be self reliant on their own power. If not, power supply can be provided at a commercial cost “to be advised”.
  • Whether space for a Flyaway Dish is needed and any relevant related requirements.

Licensing will be required for uplinking material from the ICC if services are not already licensed for operation in South Africa. For more information contact:

Each vehicle will need to be security searched prior to entry to the ICC. Further advice will follow once applications are received.

  • The Master Control Room (MCR) will be located in the Broadcast Centre serviced and managed by Host Broadcaster who will provide uplink facilities worldwide through a booking arrangement in the IBC on a commercial basis.

Commercially available services
Additional services (e.g. customized space constructions, telephone, ISDN connections, independent Internet connections, etc.) will be available and advance requirement of these services should be included in your Express of Interest response.

Additional services provided by the host broadcaster will be provided separately.

Facts to Consider

  • Power Supply in South African is 240volts. Adaptors for South Africa format are readily available.
  • Broadcast Signal will be in PAL
  • Broadcast Signal will only be available in HD 16×9 PAL
  • CCTV Facility

The Host Broadcaster will cover all proceedings from gavel-to-gavel in Plenaries 1 & 2 and Press Conference Rooms 1 & 2. All the coverage will be available to be monitored on the CCTV network and downloaded (ONLY in the IBC within the Media Centre). The Host Broadcaster’s coverage is unrestricted and available for free use.

The download and monitoring facility will be separately available in the following audio streams: floor, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese from the plenary rooms. Floor and in English and Spanish from the Press Conference Rooms.

All the above mentioned Media Facilities will be available from 28 November to 9 December 2011 [unless you want to assume that things will still be going on on 10 December!] (effectively 6 hours after the formal closure of the meeting).

All Expressions of Interest should be submitted by email to the name below as soon as possible[more definite deadline] to ensure early reservation of space:


It may happen that adjustments to this offering are made owing to logistical, security or technical reasons.

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