Film screening of Holocaust documentary in UNIC Library

By | 4 March 2011

Pretoria – The documentary “Daring to Resist” is a powerful and personal account of young women who were part of the resistance during the Holocaust. UNIC Pretoria  arranged a screening of the film in the UNIC Library to which all UN staff as well as local high schools were invited.

The UNIC National Information Officer, Sudeshan Reddy, was the Programme Director and delivered the Message of the United Nations Secretary-General for Holocaust Remembrance Day to raise awareness of the Day and its significance.

The Director of the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre, Ms. Tali Nates, was invited by UNIC to speak on the Holocaust and lead a discussion after the screening.  Ms. Nates gave a passionate and personal account of the Holocaust while highlighting the dangers of prejudice and discrimination.

The discussion period was lively and interactive with a series of questions by the students from the three Pretoria-based school, who are studying the Holocaust in their Social Science subjects, and UN staff.  Among the issues raised were the role of teenagers in fighting the Holocaust, the underlying causes of the Holocaust as well as the role of ordinary Germans during World War II.

The initiative is part of UNIC Prertoria’s 2011 programme of screening relevant films and documentaries on a monthly basis that will leave its audience better informed and aware of important issues on the UN agenda.


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