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UNHCR is looking for candidates for a number of positions

3rd September 2015 News and Media, Press Releases

Geneva, 3 September 2015 – “UNHCR is looking for candidates for a number of positions which is targeted at experienced professionals in a number of functional areas. (more…)

UN envoy hails opening of ICC trial against Congolese rebel leader as ‘victory for survivors’

3rd September 2015 Press Releases

Netherlands, 2 September 2015 – As the International Criminal Court (ICC) trial of Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda opened today, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict said that it served as a powerful reminder to military leaders accused of similar acts that justice will ultimately prevail. (more…)

UN agency and MasterCard join forces to support refugees and small-scale farmers

3rd September 2015 Press Releases

Kenya, 2 September 2015 – Residents at the Kakuma refugee camp in north-western Kenya will soon be able to buy charcoal produced in an environmentally-friendly way by local farmers as part of an innovative new alliance between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and MasterCard to support small farmers and poor families. (more…)

Security Council adjusts Liberia sanctions; ends travel ban, keeps arms embargo in place

3rd September 2015 Press Releases

Liberia, 2 September 2015 – The United Nations Security Council today renewed an arms embargo on non-State actors in Liberia for nine months while terminating other sanctions on the country, including a travel ban and asset freeze on those deemed a danger to its stability. (more…)

‘Tangible’ results on Libyan political agreement – UN envoy

3rd September 2015 Press Releases

Libya, 2 September 2015 – “Tangible” results have been achieved for a political deal in Libya, but concrete solutions to the conflict will only be reached when all parties agree on a final draft, the United Nations envoy facilitating efforts to restore peace in the North African country said today. (more…)