Syrian Crisis – United Nations Response

By | 22 December 2016

A Weekly Update from the UN Department of Public Information – No. 177/ 21 December 2016  Security Council approves UN monitors for Aleppo evacuations Alarmed at the “devastating” humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, where perhaps thousands of civilians remain trapped, the Security Council on 19 December requested the United Nations and other relevant institutions to carry out “adequate,… Read More »

The Secretary-General – Message on International Human Solidarity Day,20 December 2016

By | 21 December 2016

The world has achieved significant progress in human development over the past two decades. The global poverty rate fell by more than half.  People are living longer and healthier lives, and are better educated.  Despite these and other advances, prosperity has not been shared by all. Inequalities, extreme poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and environmental degradation… Read More »


By | 19 December 2016

This has been another turbulent year for refugees and migrants.  We have seen the continued devastating effect of armed conflict on civilian populations, leading to death, destruction and displacement.  We have witnessed the unacceptable loss of thousands of lives of people in transit in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.  And, to add insult to injury, we… Read More »