Secretary-General’s video message to the World Media Summit

By | 6 July 2012

Moscow – I am pleased to send greetings to all those gathered for the World Media Summit.
This is a time of great transformation in the way people produce and receive information. Your roles are changing. And you have come together in Moscow to discuss emerging issues and pressing concerns.

Changes in media are opening a world of opportunities. But we are also seeing rising threats to press freedoms and media professionals.

Over the last ten years, more than 500 have lost their lives. 66 were killed this year alone. Countless others have been detained, threatened or silenced through fear and censorship.

Journalists are under threat not only in conflict zones, but when they report on governments, police and businesses – or drug cartels and arms merchants.

All of this is appalling. Governments must do everything possible to protect journalists, fight impunity and achieve justice. This is the goal of our UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists. Security Council Resolution 1738 also calls for action.

Freedom of expression is a basic human right and a core UN mission. A free media is critical to true democracy and sustainable development.

As we navigate these changing times, let us stay true to the unchanging principle that a free media must thrive.

In that spirit, I wish you great success.

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