The launch of the Global Model United Nations 2011

By | 8 February 2011

The United Nations Department of Public Information wishes to inform you of the following developments related to the 2011 Global Model UN Conference:

  • GMUN 2011 will be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea.  The conference   will be hosted by the Metropolitan City of lncheon in cooperation with the United Nations Association of the Republic of Korea;
  • The dates of the conference are: 10 – 14 August 2011;
  • The venue is the state of the art convention centre, Songdo ConvensiA;
  • The theme of the conference this year is:  Sustainable Development: Advancing human progress in harmony with nature;
  • We thank all GMUN alumni who responded to the call for proposals for the theme of the 2011 conference;
  • Two GMUN alumni working as a team proposed “Sustainable Development” as the theme in response to our call for proposals.   They are:  Abhishek Parajuli (Nepal) and Shen Ping Pan (Malaysia).  We congratulate them for their research and excellent proposal.  They will be specially recognized at GMUN 2011;

We recognize a number of GMUN alumni who focussed other proposals on climate change and environmental sustainability. They are:

  • Abhishek Parajuli and Shan Ping Pan, in cooperation with the following co-sponsors: Aditya Kundu, Ahmad Rahimi bin Ahmad Fauzan, Ahmed Farzana Julie, Anuradha Raghu, Bernard Eng Khim Sheng, Ivy Walue Mwambingu, Kugan Puvanendran, Sidharth Gugnani
  • Psamson Nzeka Nzioki (individual proposal)
  • Confidence Okezuruonye (individual proposal)
  • The GMUN 2011 website will be launched on 31 January:
  • The call for applications for GMUN officials will be launched at the same time as the website 31 January with a deadline of 15 March.
  • Applications for delegates will be open on 15 February with a deadline of May 15. An announcement will be sent out on February 15.

You are all cordially invited to apply to attend GMUN 2011 and to work with us to increase the number of participants and plan a successful conference in 2011.


Please be advised of the criteria for acceptance of GMUN delegates and officials:

  • All applicants must be at least 18 but not older than 24 years of age by 10 August 2011 and must be enrolled in a university during the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • Applicants must have at least one year of Model UN experience (full participation in a Model UN conference as a delegate or member of the secretariat).

All inquiries about GMUN 2011 should be sent to:

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