UNCG Retreat

By | 3 March 2017
UNCG Retreat (South Africa). Photo : UNIC

UNCG Retreat (South Africa). Photo : UNIC

UNIC Pretoria hosted the UNCG Retreat to discuss priorities for 2017. The purpose of the retreat was to develop a work plan with clear activities for the year ahead. The meeting was well attended with representatives from Office of the Resident Coordinator , International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF, UN Women, UNHCR, UNEP and the UN Information Centre (UNIC).

The team spoke about the significance of the UNCG and the role of the UNCG in promoting the work of the United Nations in South Africa. Part of the discussion also focused on the Strategic Cooperative Framework (SCF 2013-2017) which was facilitated by Ethel Maringa the UN Coordination Associate from the Office of the Resident Coordinator.

The participants expectations were centered at having a solid workplan, seeking clarity on the role of the UNCG and mostly there was a big needs for the team to understand the role of the UNCG in supporting Inter-Agency work. The UNCG Retreat ended with a team building activity which saw members compete in teams in an outdoor Archery challenge.