UNIC Pretoria Participation at the Feast of the Clowns Festival

UNIC Pretoria participated in an inner-city festival called “Feast of the Clowns” in the centre of Pretoria on 24 August 2013, attended by over 5,000 participants, including the City and various NGOs.

UNIC Team engaging with participants at the Feast of the Clowns Festival, Pretoria Central, 24 August 2013. Photo: Mouhamed Fanni /UNIC Pretoria

In support of this year’s theme on gender-based violence as well as other campaigns on children’s rights, xenophobia, green cities and HIV/AIDS, UNIC Pretoria used this platform to engage with the public and disseminate information and advocacy materials on the work of the United Nations in these themes. This festival formed part of a week-long inner-city community initiative, hosted by the NGO Tshwane Leadership Foundation, in conjunction with the City of Tshwane.