World Humanitarian Day, 19th August

By | 18 August 2017

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is held every year on 19 August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to rally support for people affected by crises around the world.

For WHD 2017, humanitarian partners are coming together to reaffirm that civilians caught in conflict are #NotATarget. Through a global online campaign featuring an innovative partnership with Facebook Live, together with events held around the world, we will raise our voices to advocate for those most vulnerable in war zones, and demand that world leaders do everything their power to protect civilians in conflict.

This campaign follows on the UN Secretary-General’s report on protection of civilians, which was launched earlier this year. Laying out his ‘path to protection’, the Secretary-General calls for enhanced respect for international humanitarian and human rights law, and protection of civilians, including humanitarian and medical workers as well as civilian infrastructure.

TAKE ACTION : Sign the petition at to reaffirm that civilians caught in conflict are #NotATarget. 2017 WHD campaign: #NotATarget


Secretary-General’s Message for World Humanitarian Day, 19 August 2017

Every year on World Humanitarian Day, we shine a spotlight on the millions of civilians around the world whose lives have been caught up in conflict.

On this day, we also take a moment to honour the brave health and aid workers who are targeted or obstructed as they set out to help people in need, and pay tribute to the government employees, and representatives of international organizations and agencies who risk their daily lives to provide humanitarian aid.

Despite our efforts, civilians, including medial and humanitarian workers continue to bear the brunt of intense conflicts around the world. They are attacked and their access obstructed, while humanitarian supplies and hospitals are looted by fighting parties.  In addition, in cities like Juba and Aleppo, housing, markets, schools and vital civilian infrastructure are destroyed.


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