UNDP Africa partners with private sector to achieve Global Goals


With on-the-ground networks and the ability to swiftly adapt and innovate, the private sector is well-positioned to bring new solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) by 2030. In addition, the SDGs present significant opportunities for the private sector to open new markets and attract investments in sustainable development by leveraging companies’ core competencies, expertise and resources.

Recognizing this, UNDP launched its Impact@Africa initiative today at the Responsible Business Forum taking place in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg. Impact@Africa is meant to support the creation of a vibrant environment for impact investing in Africa, by helping to address the key barriers that inhibit the development and growth of the sector on the continent. UNDP recognises that the action of governments on their own is, though instrumental, not enough to promote sustainable development and equitable growth; and help reduce poverty. Development partners must make sure that all parties concerned are on board – including the private sector.